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Paratroopers for Falcon Leap5

C47 Douglas Skytrain
Falcon Leap is a yearly dropping excercise for infanterists from England, America, Canada and Holland. Always held in september in combination with the droppings to memorize the failed droppings at Arnhem in 1944. With several Hercules military planes there was also a C-47 Douglas Sky Train present, build in 1943. This plane was in service at D-Day at Normandy in 1944. It flew flights to Son, Ede and Groesbeek.

Written at Eindhoven, 2019-09-20
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Last KLM Cityhopper Fokker pictures are taken.5

Fokker F70
When we where busy with uploading pictures to our website, we have noticed that the last pictures of a KLM Fokker F50, F70 and F100 came to en end. The latest one of them all was the PK-KZP, taken at DUS on 13th september 2016 with Dolphin striping and a white radome. This plane left service for KLM and went to Wayraperu in Peru. See the listing of F50, F70 and F100.

Written at Oss, 2019-09-11
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First two Dutch F-35 at Volkel5

Lockheed Martin F-35 F-001
The F-35 Lightning II, of the former JSF-project, is the 5th Generation fighterplane of the NLAF. They become the following up of the F-16 Fighting Falcon. The Netherlands has two F-35 planes in service which, for the time being, are stationed at the Edward Air Force Base, California, for the training of the Dutch pilots. The first registrations are F-001 and F-008, belonging to the 323th Squadron at EHLW Airbase. (Leeuwarden) For now the Dutch government has ordered 37 F-35 fighter planes.

Written at Oss, 2019-06-15
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Open Door days at Airbase Volkel5

Alenia C-27J Spartan
A succesfull edition of the Open Door Days was held at Airbase EHVK at Volkel. (NL) Especcially on the day before, where 500 airplanespotters where invited to visit the airbase to photograph the arriving planes. Displayteams where able to excercise there show. Like the Alenia C-27-J Spartan, from the Aeronautica Militare Italy, who stopped at the runway, set the plane in reverse and greeted the fans with the Italian flag.

Written at Oss, 2019-06-14
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WOW Air bankrupt5

Airbus A321 of WOW Air
For a long time WOW Airlines was having negotations with financiers to survive. It was a lowcost oponent for Icelandair. Obviously it was to much a lowcost carrier and the airline landed up into financial problems. At the end of March 2019 it ceased operations. Although the founder is thinking about a new carrier, with former WOW planes, under another brand.

Written at Oss, 2019-04-07
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Aviationworld is a slightly shaking.5

Airbus A388 of Lufthansa
Lufthansa is reducing his A380 fleet from 14 to 8 planes. In 2022 the first A380 will be returned to Airbus. These planes will be replaced by Boeing 787-9 type and Airbus A350-900 types. This is a little luck for Airbus, swapping A380 for A350. And also for Boeing because of the groundings of the B737MAX.

Written at Oss, 2019-03-14
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Airbus cancelled production A3805

Airbus A380-481
The A380 was not as succesfull as the B747. Something about 315 planes are sold or in order, as 420 had to be sold to cover the developmentcosts. Even orders are cancelled by Emirates and Qatar. The first A380 flew with launchcarrier Singapore Airlines in 2005. The Fairytale is over. Above picture shows the arrival of the first A380 at Amsterdam on the 15th July 2010. The production (since 1969) of an improved B747-8 Dreamliner is still continuing slowly.....

Written at Oss, 2019-02-14
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Airbus stockholder of Bombardier CS Series5

Bombardier CS300
Since sunday 1st of July 2018, Airbus is owner of Bombardier for 50,1 percent. The Bombardier CS100 and CS300 types of Bombardier are from now placed in the sales program of Airbus. DePlane!, accidentally photographed his first Bombardier CS300 at Amsterdam on the 27th of June in that same year. AirBaltic was the launchcarrier of this type in 2016.

Written at Amsterdam, 2018-06-27
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Visiting Zurich5

Airbus A388
We spend some sunny days with family in Switserland. Unlucky, the day of departure was less sunny. But indeed , the airport is situated in a nice surrounding.

Written at Zurich, 2018-05-29
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PAF-day at Airbase Volkel, NL.5

Last week at the 13th of April there was a PAF day, a project, of the Dutch Airforce, in wich fighters are planned to be fased out. They will be sold to other Airforces. 19 F-16 fighters where parked in static displey at the so called Safaripark at Volkel Airbase. (EHVK)

Written at Volkel, 2016-04-15
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B788 of CZ diverted to AMS5

Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner
Flight CZ0303 (Reg: B-2737) from CAN, Guangzhou, (China Southern) CN to LHR, London was diverted to AMS, NL. It had not enough fuel to complete the flight to LHR, caused by some strange routing in China to avoid military exercises.

Written at Amsterdam, 2015-08-03
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The first Dutch Airliner with a Dreamliner.5

Boeing 787-800
Arkefly, as a part of TUI-Travel, has three Dreamliners in service. Also the first one with a civil service at AMS. At this moment Qatar has a Dreamlimer in service to AMS as well. Later this year Xiamen Airlines, Kenia Airlines and KLM wil soon follow.

Written at Amsterdam, 2015-06-26
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Last Day of EART5

Boeing C-135 of France Air Force
Today was the last day of the Tankermeet. Tankerplanes will have a morningsession and are returning home afterwards.

Written at Eindhoven, 2015-04-24
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KDC-10 leaving Airbase Eindoven5

KDC-10 McDonnell of RNLAF
This plane of the RNLAF is leaving Eindhoven to join the Tankermeet 2015. A training program of the European Air-to-Air Refuelling Training. Tankerplanes of France, Italy end Germany are joining as well.

Written at Eindhoven, 2015-04-17
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In tiefer Anteilnahme5

Arrival hall Dusseldorf
indeepsorrow of Germanwings flight 4U9525

Written at Dusseldorf, 2015-03-30
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Unusual arrival Cargo plane5

Lockheed C130 Hercules
Lockheed Martins C130 are usually build for military purposes. Some are build as cargo planes like this one.

Written at Frankfurt, 2014-06-23
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The inspiration of Japan.5

Boeing 787 Dreamliner
Since the start of the DUS Summer Flightplan on the 30th of March 2014, All Nippon Airways from Japan is arriving daily at Dusseldorf with a Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Written at Dusseldorf Airport, 2014-06-11
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New safety rules at DUS5

The Airport authorities are rebuilding both the entrances of the visitorsterraces. This is because new security check rules. The visitorterrace at the trainstation is closed untill after the job is done. The terrace at the airport will be open between 09:00 and 20:00 hours.

Written at Dusseldorf Airport, 2014-06-11
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One B767 less for Arkefly5

Boeing 767-383ER
Arkefly, Netherlands, sends his oldest B767 (PH-AHX), c/s 24847 to Roswell New Mexico for storage. This plane will be replaced by Arke's first Boeing 787 Dreamliner wich was arrived at the 5th of June 2014.

Written at Oss, 2014-06-06
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T-255 has left de building...5

McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30CF this case the hangar. One of the three DC-10s of the Royal Netherlands Airforce is no more needed. Possibly the crisis is the reason. It seems that it cannot be sold, because there are so little of them. Today it is transferred to Newquay, England to be demolished. It made his last flight.

Written at Oss, 2014-04-11
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Maersk leaving EIN Airbase5

Boeing B767-219ER
A Maersk Star Air freighter was loaded under security of the Dutch military Police (KMAR) Planespotters were also watched carefully. After loading the plane left immidiatly.

Written at Eindhoven, 2014-04-10
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Osprey plane at Lajes5

If you are flying to Ponta Delgada at the Azores you can possibly make a stopover at Lajes, Terceira. It is also an US Airbase where you can see an Osprey tiltrotorplane, as here photographed by smartphone.

Written at Ponta Delgada, 2013-10-06
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Astronaut Kuipers at Volkel5

Austronaut Andre Kuipers has visited the Dutch Open Days of the 100th anniversary of the Dutch Airforces at Volkel, Netherlands. He joined the Force when the Airforce celebrated the 75th anniversary. Andre went into space twice: in 2004 and in 2011 to the Russian spacestation ISS. He brought a visit to the Apache demoteam.

Written at , 2013-06-17
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MD Phantom phased out5

This year the Jagdgeschwader 21 of the German Air Force will phase out there McDonnell Phantom F4 fighters. They will make there last appearence at the Open Door Days in June 2013 at Wittmund. A picture from our data base you will find at Geilenkirchen in 2012.

Written at Oss, 2013-04-03
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A6-EDL of the Emirates5

On the 1th of august 2012 there was the inaugural flight of EK147 of the Emirates with an Airbus 380. The first one in a scheduled program arriving in Amsterdam. We were not be able to be there but we toke the picture 15 days later. At least it was a picture of the A6-EDL, indeed for the first time at AMS.....

Written at Amsterdam, 2012-09-20
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PH-KCH fased out5

KLM is fasing out their McDonnell Douglas MD-11 planes. The second of July 2012 the PH-KCH made his last rotation to New Dehli. These planes will be replaced by the new ordered Dreamliners, but they are comming at least in 2015. Meanwhile Airbus 330 types will repaced them for the time being.

Written at Moderator, 2012-07-09
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No more Solid Air5

Solid Air had to stop there service for business people and for the Dutch Royal Family, last year october 2011. Dutch Aviation authorities has stopped there licence because lack off training of pilots and technicians. Aircompany ASL toke over some planes, and is flying from Solids former homebase Eindhoven. Solid Air entries

Written at Eindhoven, 2011-10-22
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J-866 from demoteam5

The new pilot, after Ralph Aarts, is Stefan Hutten, from the F-16 Demotean from the Royal Netherland Air Force. In week 12 in 2012 he was excersizing twice a week for about 13 mins. A week later a reharsel at leeuwarden.

Written at Volkel, 2012-03-25
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Maidenflight Malaysia A3805

Malaysia Airlines first A380 will make his maidendflight from Kuala Lumpur to London at the 1th of July. A day earlier as planned. Daily flights starts at August 25. The Seating configuration will be reduced to 487 seats. 347 economy seats will fill up the lower deck. Upperdeck for business and First class.

Written at Oss, 2012-03-21
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Malev bankrupt5

Hungary's dire financial predicament was laid bare today when its national airline Malev went bust and grounded all flights after failing to find a solution to unsustainable liabilities estimated at €550m (£460m).
Sources say Malev collapsed after nervous suppliers began asking for advance payments, which the airline was unable to provide. Two of its aircraft were prevented from taking off from Dublin and Tel Aviv, prompting the decision to ground all Malev aircraft worldwide from 5am.
Company officials said the stoppage immediately affected some 7,200 passengers: 3,500 in Hungary. So ceased operations at 3 feb. 2012. Malev entries

Written at Oss, 2012-02-05
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Spanair bankrupt5

Spain 4th largest carrier Spanair has collapsed financially leaving over 200 flights that were scheduled to be canceled. On 25 January 2011, the company was in an Emergency Financial Situation. The Catalonian government approved a €10.5 million loan plan in order to save it. Revenue improved and the company was cutting costs; however on 27 January 2012, the airline ceased operations after a rescue deal with Qatar Airways fell through. Spanair was a Star Alliance member from 2003 until its demise. So ceased operations at 28 jan. 2012 Spanair entries

Written at Oss, 2011-11-16
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Next Generation Fokker F100 comming up5

Dutch investor Rekkof is trying to restart de production of the Fokker F100. They are in procession of the F100 production line stored at Airport Lelystad. A new product is designed with enviroment friendly engines and a lighter fuselage. They became a loan of the Dutch governement to start building the test model. The new company is called NG Aircraft. See also and

Written at Oss, 2010-04-26
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F16-demo team5

At Volkel started this week the new formed F-16 demoteam, from the Dutch Airforce, with trainingsessions. It's happening twice a day in the late morning and afternoon. The new pilot is Stefan Hutten and his mentor the former demopilot Ralf Aarts. The compleet team excist out of eight members, two pilots and six engineers. The next week the team is operating from Airbase Leeuwarden.
(mobile report)

Written at Volkel, 2012-03-19
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Highlight at Volkel5

One of the Highligts of the Open Days of the Royal Netherlands Air Force at 19th and 20th of June 2009 was the AVRO Vulcan XH588 from the RAF. It was one of the Bombers wich have dropped bombs at Port Stanley at the Falklands in 1982. Out of Duty since 1986 en became a display Vulcan till 1993. In 1997, a small team headed by Dr Robert Pleming started plans to put her to return to fly. There was at Volkel the possibility to have a meet and greet with the display team leaded by Andy Marson.

Written at Volkel, 2009-06-20
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Images from Nepal5

Early March the moderator visited India and Nepal. Only at the moment of leaving Kathmandu I had the change to make pictures of Aircrafts. The air was not clear so it was not an ideal moment for taking pictures. Actually you should see the snowy hiltops of the Himal at the background of the images. See for the images at the section Kathamandu 2008.

Written at Oss, 2008-03-14
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Big 757 (N537US)5

Building of 757 planes has stopped by Boeing in the past, because it was not really a populair plane. That makes this picture a special one. Northwest Airlines is will merge with Delta Air Lines soon.

Written at Oss, 2008-07-30
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Spottingsite Kaagbaan closed.5

On Saturday 26th of January 2008 the spottingsite at the Kaagbaan, (06-24) Amsterdam (Rozenburg/Aalsmeer) will be closed at 7 in the morning. Also the road will be closed! At the same time, the new site at the Polderbaan (18R-36L) near Hoofddorp will be open. There are toilets and snackcars.

Written at Amsterdam, 2008-01-08
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Wholes in Airport fences.5

The sous-préfecture of Seine Saint Denis has reported the president of KeroZen spotting association that some airport fences have been damaged. These holes are used by spotters to allow them to take pictures through in the restricted area. The French authorities are not happy with that. When this continues, the hobby of photographing pictures at Airport Charles de Gaulle will prohibited. This is why this message: tell to your friends or other spotters that making holes in airport fences is not the right way of spotting.

Written at Oss, 2008-01-23
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Kaagbaan still open5

The Kaagbaan, runway 06-24 at AMS, will be kept open until a new spottingsite is realised at the Polderbaan. (18R-36L) There are objections for this spottingsite by residents, so it will take a while. Today spotters has delivered a research made among the spotters. They wish at the new spottingsite, toilets, some shelter, picnictables, electronic timeschedules and a little cafeteria, everything also accessable for invalids. When needed, there is no problem for a little entrance fee. So, probable the Kaagbaan will remain open in 2007, and maybe partly 2008, cause the new spottingsite is not realised very soon, in this matter. There is a temporay site realised, but it's not allowed to be open, due the objections of the residents.

Written at Amsterdam, 2008-01-24
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A340 from Dusseldorf.5

A340 from Dusseldorf. At the first of may 2008, Lufthansa will start daily flights with an Airbus 340 to New York-Newark. Also six times a week to Chicago and five times a week to Toronto. The planes will be based at Dusseldorf and it will be the first regular flights with the A340 from DUS. The first flights will be offered for E.333,00 return. (all incl.) Airport Dusseldorf will track with these flights also more regionalplanes for travallers who need to switch planes.

Written at Dusseldorf, 2007-10-15
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Goodbye Jet2.5

After Thomsonfly, now also Jet2 announnced to stop flying to Amsterdam after januari 2008. The reason is mainly that Amsterdam, as a touristic town, is not that attractive anymore, while eastern Europe is cheaper. Then there is the new tax in Holland and the more and more strict rules in the Netherlands.

Written at Amsterdam, 2007-09-02
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Hijacked Atlasjet plane5

On Saturday 18th of August there was a plane hijacked of Atlasjet leaving Turkish-Cyprus. Although one of the hijackers said afterwards, he had a training in an Al-Qaida-camp, they didn't managed to get into the cockpit. Also a lot of passengers were able to escape. Not exactly Al-Qaida terrorists. Never the less the passengers would have nasty moments. The hijacking was finished after surrending of the hijackers at the Airport of Antalya, Turkey. The plane of Atlasjet was a McDonnel MD-83. Not the one at the picture!

Written at Oss, 2007-08-18
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Tailstrike Onur Air5

On the 18th july 2006 at 09.47 an Airbus (A321) of Onur Air from Turkey, touched the ground with his tail at Rotterdam Airport. (RTM) It came from Alanya after a flight of 3 and a half hour. As a report of the Dutch safetyboard says: "In the final part of the approach the airspeed suddenly dropped and the sink rate increased. The pilot pulled the aircraft's nose up just before touch down. The aircraft landed short on the stopway of the opposite runway and the tail struck the ground". There were no injuiries. DePlane! made a picture of the Airbus while they are repairing.

Written at Rotterdam, 2007-07-27
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Troubles for Wizz Air5

Airliner Wizz Air had at the 30th of august mayor problems to carry-out his flightprogramm. The arrivals and departures at Eindhoven were extremely delayed. They had to lease planes from Titan Airways, UK. At Eindhoven arrived 4 hours too late the G-ZAPU from Katowice, Poland. Probably they seems to have problems with two Airbusses .(A320)

Written at Eindhoven, 2007-07-28
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No more Thomsonfly at AMS.5

Thomsonfly has decided to stop flights to Amsterdam at november this year. They will concentrate for flights to Southern-Europe. Maybe the new taxes in the Netherlands is one of the reason.

Written at Amsterdam, 2007-10-04
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German airports checked.5

Strange approaches can be seen at German Airports. Like today at Dusseldorf International. Besides a NortWest aircraft almost used the wrong start runway and a privat aircraft used the start runway as taxyway, an another plane held up the leaving planes by flying over the start runway over and over again. It was a aircraft from Flight Calibration Services. It has to calibrate the communicationinstruments like ILS, NBD and VOR. This Beech King Air 350 can be seen in Germany, Swiss and Austria.

Written at Dusseldorf, 2007-08-31
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Dreamliner roll-out5

It was 5 years ago when the site of the Dutch Aviationnews ( was founded. Now a member of Reismedia, they organised a special day for members on the 7th of july. Not many people came along so two sessions were melted to one. Brad Till, Regional Director Product Marketing came over for introduction of the new 787 Dreamliner. The roll-out of this plane happened later that day in Seattle. He told that the plane was build for more as 50% out of a composite, and therefore he's lighter and better for the environment. Of course, well equiped with the latest communication, technics, full of computers etc.etc. And he mentioned the windows wich are almost twice as big then the normal ones. So, we can bring our own geranium with us.....

Written at Schiphol-Oost, 2007-05-06
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Fly Air under supervision5

Belgium and Dutch authorities has given an "early warning" for Lowcost-carrier Fly-air from Turkey and reported it to the Eurpean Council. In Belgium Fly-air has a failed administration and in the Netherlands they are boarding while the plane still is refueling. Now they are checked at other airports aswell. Also passengers are complaining about delayed departures.

Written at Moderator, 2007-07-26
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Pics for de Plane De Plane5

Pics for de Plane! De Plane! are made since 5th of July 2006. Showing them on internet started in July 2007. We trying to add pics from an Airforce airshow held on 15 and 16 June 2007 first. Then the rest wil follow..........ehhh soon! Also nice news items will be added in a way of flashback. ( since june 2006)

Written at , 2007-06-02
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