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 Airbus A380-481

Airbus cancelled production A380
Oss at 2019-02-14.

     The A380 was not as succesfull as the B747. Something about 315 planes are sold or in order, as 420 had to be sold to cover the developmentcosts. Even orders are cancelled by Emirates and Qatar. The first A380 flew with launchcarrier Singapore Airlines in 2005. The Fairytale is over. Above picture shows the arrival of the first A380 at Amsterdam on the 15th July 2010. The production (since 1969) of an improved B747-8 Dreamliner is still continuing slowly.....

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- Boeing confirmed that they will end the production of the Boeing 747, the Queen of Skies. The last one will be delivered in 2022 to Atlas Air. (2020-03-23)

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