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 Boeing 747-400 PH-BFV (2007)

Last KLM B747 left Amsterdam
Oss at 2021-09-27.

     After almost after 50 years the last Boeing 747-400 left Amsterdam for Teruel, Spain for storage. The Jumbo's where already grounded because of the COVID-pandamie, but returned als Combi/Cargo planes for transportion of medical goods for the same pandamie. The last plane ferried to Turuel was the PH-BFV, named City of Vancouver, wich was in service for 21 years with KLM. Also British Airways and Quantas said Goodbye to the 'Queen of Skies'. The first B742 came in 1971 to the Netherlands. The last B747 photographed by dePlane! was the PH-BFT in service with KLM. Subsidiary Martinair has still three B747 Cargo planes left, some in KLM livery.

British Airways grounded there B747 half 2020, because of the pandamic flight-restrictions. Delta already srcapped them already in 2017, it was the only American Airliner left. Air France scrapped all of them. Lufthansa has only a few older B747's stored in Twente-EHTW (Netherlands) and on runway-NorthWest at Frankfurt (EDDF). Lufthansa has the youngest B747 in their fleet with the 747-800, what means that it has the latest 747-8 Dreamliner update. Most of the Asian operators have them stored partlywise. The jumbo will stay a populair plane and some older planes will be converted to Cargoplanes. They will stay in service for a long time. Cargolux and Atlas Air have brandnew 747-8 Dreamliner Cargo-planes. So, we'll meet The 'Queen of Skies' for a long time.

The production of B747 will stop in 2022.

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