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 Airbus A380 SIA, 9V-SKL (2014) arriving at Frankfurt

Super jumbo still grounded.
Oss at 2021-12-07.

     Because of flight restrictions of the COVID-pandamie, a lot of the superplanes are grounded. Many of them will not return anymore. Asiana, (with 6 A380's) is not really scared and are trying to bring them back to service in march 2021. China Southern (5) never stopped flying and Korean (10) started carefully with one Superjumbo, while Thai (6) stored there planes and Malaysia (6) is selling them. Singapore wants to get rid of them. Some are dismantled in Changi and Tarmac (Toulouse). Only 8 are active. Etihad (10) have them still stored as well and there is no change to see them back. Emirates (123) keeps them in the air, although the oldest one is already send back to Airbus for spareparts. Qatar (10) is flying with 4 super jumbo's and Qantas (12) have them stored in Victorville, but are tring to bring them back, one by one.

And then we have the European operaters; British Airways have 6 of 12 them stored in Madrid, Turuel and Doha, next to the ones of Qatar. After ten years, has Air France, all ten of them scrapped. One is already dismantled in Ireland. (Knock) Au revoir! Meanwhile is Lufthansa hasitating about their 14 super jumbo's wich are stored. maybe they will left a couple in the air; "Fur die Buhne!"

The production of A380 stopped in 2021.

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Other news

- Lufthansa Deutschland announced for sure that they have sold six A380's back to Airbus. They will be returned between september 2022 and november 2023. (aerotelegraph) (2022-03-15)

- China Southern Airlines is sending two of it's A380 quadjets to the desert of Victorville, California. They where stored at Ghuangzhou until now. It probably means that they dont come back for actual service. (simpleflying.com) (2022-03-16)

- Emirates CEO, tried unsuccessfully to convince Airbus to design an A380 Neo. It can make flights 15% cheaper. (aerotelegraph) (2022-04-11)

- China Southern Airlines send two Airbus A380 (B-6136 und B-6137) to the Mojave-desert at Victorville (USA) The have now American registrations (N291JM and N296JM) The first A380 with US-registration. It's unsure if they fill fly in the future. (aerotelegraph) (2022-05-03)

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