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Antonov Mriya destroyed
The biggest Cargo-plane in the world is destroyed after an attack of the Russian army at the Gostomel-Kiev airport in Ukaine. It is an oversized ......

Super jumbo still grounded.
Because of flight restrictions of the COVID-pandamie, a lot of the superplanes are grounded. Many of them will not return anymore. Asiana, (with......

Last KLM B747 left Amsterdam
After almost after 50 years the last Boeing 747-400 left Amsterdam for Teruel, Spain for storage. The Jumbo's where already grounded because of t......

Paratroopers for Falcon Leap
Falcon Leap is a yearly dropping excercise for infanterists from England, America, Canada and Holland. Always held in september in combination wi......

Last KLM Cityhopper Fokker pictures are taken.
When we where busy with uploading pictures to our website, we have noticed that the last pictures of a KLM Fokker F50, F70 and F100 came to en en......

WOW Air bankrupt
For a long time WOW Airlines was having negotations with financiers to survive. It was a lowcost oponent for Icelandair. Obviously it was to much......

First two Dutch F-35 at Volkel
The F-35 Lightning II, of the former JSF-project, is the 5th Generation fighterplane of the NLAF. They become the following up of the F-16 Fighti......

Open Door days at Airbase Volkel
A succesfull edition of the Open Door Days was held at Airbase EHVK at Volkel. (NL) Especcially on the day before, where 500 airplanespotters whe......

Aviationworld is a slightly shaking.
Lufthansa is reducing his A380 fleet from 14 to 8 planes. In 2022 the first A380 will be returned to Airbus. These planes will be replaced by Boe......

Airbus cancelled production A380
The A380 was not as succesfull as the B747. Something about 315 planes are sold or in order, as 420 had to be sold to cover the developmentcost......


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