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One B767 less for Arkefly
Arkefly, Netherlands, sends his oldest B767 (PH-AHX), c/s 24847 to Roswell New Mexico for storage. This plane will be replaced by Arke's first Bo......

T-255 has left de building...
(2014-04-11) this case the hangar. One of the three DC-10s of the Royal Netherlands Airforce is no more needed. Possibly the crisis is the reason. It s......

Maersk leaving EIN Airbase
A Maersk Star Air freighter was loaded under security of the Dutch military Police (KMAR) Planespotters were also watched carefully. After loadin......

In tiefer Anteilnahme
indeepsorrow of Germanwings flight 4U9525......

Osprey plane at Lajes
If you are flying to Ponta Delgada at the Azores you can possibly make a stopover at Lajes, Terceira. It is also an US Airbase where you can see ......

Astronaut Kuipers at Volkel
Austronaut Andre Kuipers has visited the Dutch Open Days of the 100th anniversary of the Dutch Airforces at Volkel, Netherlands. He joined the Fo......

MD Phantom phased out
This year the Jagdgeschwader 21 of the German Air Force will phase out there McDonnell Phantom F4 fighters. They will make there last appearence......

A6-EDL of the Emirates
On the 1th of august 2012 there was the inaugural flight of EK147 of the Emirates with an Airbus 380. The first one in a scheduled program arrivi......

PH-KCH fased out
KLM is fasing out their McDonnell Douglas MD-11 planes. The second of July 2012 the PH-KCH made his last rotation to New Dehli. These planes will......

J-866 from demoteam
The new pilot, after Ralph Aarts, is Stefan Hutten, from the F-16 Demotean from the Royal Netherland Air Force. In week 12 in 2012 he was excersi......


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